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Don’t Get Caught Without Proper Workers Compensation Coverage!

Do you own your own business? Are your employees covered if an accident happens on the jobsite?

In the state of South Carolina, you are required to carry Workers Compensation Insurance if you have four or more employees.  If you don’t have Workers Compensation Insurance, you are still liable for your employees’ on the job injuries.

What’s more, with the emergence of the modern workplace comes an entirely new class of injuries that were never an issue in the past.  Take the use of mobile devices as an example. Are your employees working on the go or multitasking on their devices while they are in the office? Increased time spent looking down at a smartphone or tablet puts extra stress on the neck and spine, in some cases causing serious injury. Companies are also coming up with new ways to engage employees, from climbing walls to ping pong tables to scooters and more. These new amenities can also present new risks if employees are injured. Do you know your rights as an employer if injuries occur in situations like these?

Do you know what to do if an employee is injured on the job? Do you have the right Workers Compensation Insurance in place? Is your company protected if the unthinkable happens?

Contact us today and we’ll discuss the details of Workers Compensation Insurance with you. Make sure you’re protected before it’s too late.  And visit the Travelers Insurance Blog for some helpful tips on creating a safer work environment.