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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

With all of the advertising and “noise” that seem to be a constant reminder of the largest insurance companies in the nation and their network of Exclusive Agents, have you ever stopped to ponder the benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent vs. an Exclusive Agent? Did you even know there was a difference?

Exclusive Agents represent only one insurance company, and any new or renewal policies that they write can only be placed with one company that they represent exclusively. So, as a customer of an Exclusive Agent, you can only purchase a policy from the one company that they represent – regardless on rate, premium or coverage changes.

However, Independent Agents are non-exclusive, which means that they represent many companies and are able to write new and renewal policies with any company that they represent. So, as a customer of an Independent Agent, you have access to policies from many companies that they represent. An Independent Agent has the ability to search a multitude of companies, coverages, rates and premiums to find the best coverage for your insurance needs at the best price for you, the insured.

When you go to a restaurant for dinner, do you choose an establishment that only serves one thing at one price? Or, do you like to choose restaurants that provide you with a menu of choices and prices?

So why would you choose an Insurance Agent that does not have the ability to place you in the best coverage at the best price to meet your needs?

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