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Your Honeymoon Could be Over Before It Begins

Wedding Season is quickly approaching.

You’ve planned every detail from the flowers to the food to the pretty white doves who will fly overhead as you say your “I do’s”. You’ve thought about this day your entire life. You’ve budgeted and saved and planned so that you and your spouse could have the perfect day. Everything is in place.

But wait…

As your guests are gathering for cocktail hour, someone carelessly tips her wine glass and causes a spill. It’s an outdoor venue so nobody pays much attention. Moments later, another guest wearing 5 inch heals hurries by to say hello to an old friend and slips in the recently spilled wine. She falls and injures her back.

Cocktail hour ends and guests file in to the dining room for dinner and dancing. The night is going well. Your guests are having such fun… perhaps too much fun. A couple of your college buddies have had a few too many drinks and start to get a bit careless. Before you know it, there has been damage done to the venue… expensive damage.

Or, a day or two after your carefully thought out dinner of filet and lobster tail, one of your guests falls ill. His doctor tells him it’s food poisoning and he spends three days in the hospital on IV’s to combat the dehydration he sustained as a result of the tainted lobster he ate at your reception.

Did you know that you could face a significant lawsuit if something like the above happens during your special day?

  • If someone trips and falls at your event, there is the potential that you could face a significant lawsuit due to their injuries.

  • The most common type of claim at events are damages to the venue.

  • If one or more of your guests suffers from food poisoning you may be responsible for their medical expenses.

All of these could give new meaning to the words “the honeymoon is over”. Let our agency give you some peace of mind on your special day. We have affordable coverage to protect you.

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